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SysOp Tools Software for password self service and identity management in Active Directory

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Over 1,000,000 users worldwide rely on SysOp Tools for enterprise password self service and Active Directory identity management products.

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Web based password self service reset software and user account management

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Created by admins for admins. EZ set up / test in your live domain. O365, BYOD, high security and regulatory compliant environments. Knowledgeable USA staff- We are the Active Directory management software experts.

Try any product today and see for yourself why SysOp Tools is the #1 choice for self service password reset and password policy management software.

SysOp Tools Customers using Password Reset PRO or Password Reminder PRO Software

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SysOp Tools web based self service password reset & expiring password management software is used by the world’s most respected companies, institutions and organizations.

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SysOp Tools Enterprise Software Password Reset PRO or Password Reminder PRO for Active Directory domains

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SysOp Tools Active Directory audit software are designed to be tested in live production domains without bothering users or change control impact. Deployment is fast, easy and low overhead

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Self Service Password Reset, Expiring Password Reminder & Identity Management Software for Microsoft Active Directory Domain Users, Office 365, Remote Mac and VPN Users

Expiring domain password reminder notification for Active Directory - Password Reminder PRO

Password Reminder PRO

Alert, remind & notify users of Windows password policy expiration. Notify managers & HR of expiring logon users. Daily report keeps IT ahead of all password issues. Great for Office 365 expiring password users!

User Self Service password management software - Web Based - Password Reset PRO for Active Directory

Password Reset PRO

Web Based Password Self Service software SSPR. Reset expired, temp or forgotten password, or locked account via desktop & mobile. Easy to deploy & use, secure for external deployment- Great for O365, BYOD

Account Manager software for Active Directory

Account Manager for AD

Account Manager allows IT help desk staff to reset user passwords & unlock accounts while maintaining the security of your Active Directory. EZ install, desktop app, events audited for regulatory compliance!

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::Products Made for YOU::

“Real World” software created by admins for admins. Our software is designed for easy deployment in any Active Directory environment regardless of size, security requirement or user base. Whether your domain infrastructure is global with 400,000+ users or local with 50 users, you’ll enjoy easy setup, lower help desk calls, simplified management of user accounts and strong ROI. Hit us on chat, email or phone to discuss your needs and get answers fast. We are Active Directory experts, USA-based and can cover your deepest technical questions in detail.

Our Customers

Hale Kipa

SysOp Tools Has Built Strong and Lasting Client Relationships

Users LOVE Password Reminder PRO! We’ve had emails and some telecommuters even drop by our office in person to say how much they appreciate the password reminder messages. So, it’s fair to say Password Reminder PRO is making our department look good.

Cynthia R. Wang

Senior Network Systems Engineer, Hale Kipa, Inc.

We have many customers who don’t regularly log into the domain and don’t receive the traditional warning of impending password expiration. Password Reminder PRO makes our customers happy because they are forewarned. This empowers them to change their passwords in a controlled manner and cuts down on frantic calls to the help desk. Password Reminder PRO also helps us to comply with security requirements by identifying and disabling inactive accounts. And last but definitely not least, SysOp Tools, Inc. provides awesome support!

Carol Collins

Project Support, IT, Office of Legacy Management U.S. Dept. of Energy

As an IT professional with many remote employees and network users, Password Reminder PRO has greatly facilitated the password expiry and changing process. I believe the most appreciated part of the process is the “set-it and forget-it” mentality. Password Reminder PRO has proven very useful and well worth the cost of purchase. Thank you very much.

Jeremy Sadler

Network Engineer, Client Support, Motion Computing