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Password Reset PRO for Active Directory

Self service password reset software (SSPR) and identity management for Active Directory 2012, 2016, 2019 domain users. Secure for password self service outside of the domain by remote users. EZ to install.

Perfect for Office 365, OWA, VPN, Azure, Mobile, BYOD users. Rapid deploy – No Databases – Use it free for a month!

Server 2003 through 2019 supported.

Password Reset PRO self service password software for remote, owa, o365 domain users

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Low pricing for a true enterprise class product.
100% USA developed & supported.

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Fast, easy & secure install on any server or VM- Win 2003 through 2019. No dedicated servers needed.


Users can enroll with a temporary or expired domain password


Event reporting and alerting, including remote IP


Works natively in any mobile or desktop web browser, no app install


Active Directory password tool has three different user access modes, LB/HA/DR included, no hidden costs!


Smart, low cost licensing – Secure for external access – Customizable branding, pages, access modes


PCI, SOX, HIPAA compliant. Secure for Gov, Mil, Edu, DoD, Healthcare


SSPR (Self Service Password Reset) for domain, Azure, Office 365, Mac, OWA, VPN users

NO Database install, NO schema changes, NO client software- Secure + Easy!

NO “admin page” or admin credentials in web portal eliminates security risk. Deploy it and enjoy it.

Full Version, Free for 30 Days!

Use the full production software for a month.
Quick signup required.

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Low pricing for a true enterprise class product.
100% USA developed & supported.

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Password Reset PRO is the only enterprise-class web based self service software designed specifically for secure external (public) access by end users, allowing them to quickly change or reset their domain password and unlock their account without IT intervention. It is very easy to install, test and deploy, no databases required or changes to the domain, no disturbing users.

Try it free for 30 days and see why Password Reset PRO is the #1 enterprise password self service solution worldwide.

Our sales, support and development is 100% USA-based in Los Angeles, California.

Perfect for today’s “BYOD” environment without compromising security, users can access password self service quickly from any mobile device browser (iPhone, Android, BB, WM) or OS (Mac, Win, Linux). All aspects of the self service web portal pages are customizable, assuring proper branding for your environment. Perimeter security is assured using our unique two-tier architecture and multiple AES / RSA encryption layers on communications, in addition to website SSL.

Gov, Mil, DoD, Edu, Asp / Msp? You are in the right place for a secure, enterprise class product!

  • SSPR password reset is easy to install, test, deploy. No changes to AD or DB installs, up in 10 minutes
  • Built for HA, DR, scalability, virtually impossible to “lose” user enrollments, easy to LB sites
  • PCI & regulatory compliant Web Based Self Service portal allows safe external public access
  • External facing Web Portal runs on IIS6/7; easy to deploy multiple web portals for HA/DR
  • Runs great on VM’s, dedicated servers NOT required, NO install on DCs required
  • Sensitive user data and admin functions stay AWAY from the external-facing Web Portal
  • Three access modes to choose from, all aspects are customizable for look / feel / branding
  • Users can enroll with a “must change on next logon” password or an expired password!
  • In Microsoft self service password reset tool policies are natively enforced
  • Currently used by SMB’s, F500’s, Gov, Mil, Edu’s world-wide
  • Supports large domains of 400,000+ users with ease; multiple domains / forests no problem

Password Reset PRO – iPhone mobile device password self service reset, unlock software for Active Directory

Self Service Made Easy: Password Reset PRO’s web based self service web portal allows remote & internal employee users to change forgotten, expiring or expired passwords, unlock locked out accounts and even change a temporary “change on next logon” password. The web based self service portal provides three types of user access modes to choose from for deployment, or multiple modes can be deployed simultaneously. One of the modes uses intuitive image-based authentication security similar to banking websites, making it simple for remote users to enroll & remember their enrollment logon ID. Another mode uses information stored in your Active Directory for creating a question / answer style of access. Users are guided through all modes and pages of the self service portal by “activity wizards”, providing simplicity for even the most technically challenged user. The web based self service portal can be accessed from the internet or LAN from any popular client OS, mobile device and web browser.

Secure eCommerce-Style Architecture: Easy to deploy? You bet!! Built on ASP.NET and designed for secure external access, our product uses a “Two Tier” design architecture just like modern eCommerce websites. Deploy the web based self service portal on any extranet IIS server. Deploy the internal service application on an internal domain server. Configure a single TCP port through your LAN firewall for communication between the two servers. Sensitive system components and administrator access functions reside on the internal server separate from the external web self service portal, ensuring maximum perimeter security. Passwords and account info are only stored in AD, nowhere else. The tiered architecture also makes it easy to quickly move or rebuild the web portal, or deploy multiple web based self service portals behind a load balancer. As an option, small environments can install everything on a single server.

Change Control and Security Friendly: No schema extending, databases or client deployments are required. User Passwords and sensitive domain data are *only* stored in Active Directory, and the password self service web portal itself does NOT run with domain credentials or need to be installed on a domain member server (unlike other similar products). You’ll find a very low change-control footprint with our product, a very high degree of security, and you will be pleased with how easy it is to install & use. Designed by Active Directory architects and security experts, our employee self service solution blows similar competing products away with ease of installation, usability, security and integration. Try it today 100% free and see the difference!

Enterprise Password Self Service Software Designed for Active Directory and Server 2003 through 2019:

Easy to test and deploy, no databases to install or schema changes to make. Our software uses Active Directory as the “database” ensuring all sensitive user info remains in AD, and makes it impossible to “lose” user self service enrollments.
The Web Portal is built on ASP.NET and deploys, uses SSL just like a regular IIS website (OWA, MOSS etc). There are no “admin” functions in the web portal which could contain sensitive user data / passwords and compromise domain security, and the web portal IIS website itself does not use ANY domain credentials to operate.

Installation requirements for Password Reset PRO are very minimal, install takes 5-10 mins. If you know a bit about Active Directory, Windows Services, and IIS website management, you’ll have a very easy time with our software.

Requirements & Specifics:

  • Software is designed to be tested within your live production domain and will NOT bother users or alter the domain, and there is NO database. You can allow the software to operate in the domain and enroll / test with some normal user accounts to gauge effectiveness. If you uninstall, all that remains are some reg key entries on the server. Very cool. Use any low end domain server or VM with IIS on it for your downloaded trial install, which is actually the full production software. You can do the “two tier” secure setup later on using two separate servers, it’s actually very easy to change the configuration. Installing everything on one server is typically easier for evaluation purposes.
  • Server 2003-2008R2: Front-end Web Portal application requires IIS6, IIS7/7.5 and .NET framework 2.0. Can be installed on a non-domain IIS server that runs other websites
  • Server 2003-2008R2: Back-end Master Service application requires .NET framework 2.0 and must be installed on a domain member server
  • Server 2012, 2016, 2019: IIS8/8.5 (or later) and .NET 3.5 must be installed for the Front End Web Portal to operate under IIS. The Back End Master Service can use .NET 2.0 or 3.5
  • VM or physical server, dedicated server NOT required, no install on DCs required, 10mb HDD space, 1gb free RAM, min 1ghz proc
  • Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016 / 2019 (x86 or x64), runs as a native 64-bit process on x64 OS
  • Install all on one server or split across dual servers: The Web Portal application can be installed on the same domain server as the Back-End Master Service application (Single Tier architecture) for a quick simple setup, or,  can be installed on a separate non-domain DMZ web server for enhanced perimeter security (Two Tier architecture – see guide docs)
  • You must have administrator rights in the domain and on the local server to install and configure Password Reset PRO
  • You must use an elevated-credential domain account to run the Back-End Master Service. Typically, Domain Admin rights are suggested for setup since the Master Service must be able to read / write to all domain user accounts that will access the Web Portal. This requirement is similar for other enterprise-level application services such as Exchange or other Enterprise management software. After successful setup / testing, service rights can be delegated and restricted for production use. Detail on delegating security rights are outlined in the software documentation and our expert support staff can assist as needed.

Password Reset PRO – Tech Notes:

SINGLE-TIER ARCHITECTURE INSTALLATION: You can install both the Web Portal “Front End” and the Master Service “Back End” on the same single server or VM. it can be a shared utility type of server. this server must be a domain member and have IIS installed. If running 2012 then .NET v3.5 must also be enabled with both sub-options. this is the easiest way to install Password Reset PRO for testing / evaluation or mainly internal LAN use only. This can easily be changed to a TWO-TIER installation later.

TWO-TIER ARCHITECTURE INSTALLATION: When installing the Web Portal “Front End” on a DMZ server separate from the “Back-End” Master Service server, you must open one TCP port in your firewall for the Web Portal server to communicate to the Master Service server. Communication between the two servers uses an RSA rotating key scheme for session connectivity, and contents of the communication stream are encrypted with AES security at the packet level. This is the ideal installation method for secure deployment and allowing outside remote user access to the self service web portal.

There is a “Quick Setup Guide” included with the download to walk you through install / setup. No users will be impacted by the installation. The domain will not be impacted by the installation. No databases to install. The change control footprint is virtually zero and the setup is very fast.


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